Hell of a new year

Yesterday was Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, and my god, it was a hell of a bad news day for the Jews.

The worst predictions were right, Donald Trump has emboldened the anti-Semites.  It turns out, most of them are on the Left.

Where to being…

How about with Valarie Plame Wilson.  Way back during the G.W. Bush administration there was a scandal called the Plame Affair, or as often reported “Plamegte” (because most journalists are retards with no imagination who think of themselves as Woodward and Bernstein while being little more than shit-peddlers).  Valarie Plame Wilson was an officer with the CIA, married to an ambassador.  Her cover was blow, she was outed, by people within the W. Bush administration, possibly in retribution for her husband’s not backing the WMD justification for war with Iraq.

This made her a martyr and a cause celebre for The Left.  A big Hollywood movie was made about her, she got a book deal and speaking tour.

She’s also a vicious anti-Semite who promotes the “the Jews are disloyal to America and only loyal to Israel” trope.

She posted a link to an OpEd in UNZ.com, which is a radical Leftist magazine that promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.  This is a capture from their homepage.


Yep, that is an article about how it was Da JOOOS and not Muslims who celebrated 9/11.

She tried to back peddle, but that was even worse.  A short search of her history shows that she has linked to this same website at least nine times and has a history of anti-Semitic tweets.

She is also a member  of the board of the Ploughshares Fund, which is a group pushing the Obama-Iran nuke deal that will eventually allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

With no surprise, the author of the Iran nuke deal sales pitch, came out against Netanyahu’s support of Trump’s UN speech.

I don’t believe this casual acquaintance of anti-Semites is a coincidence.  Obama’s foreign policy towards Israel has always been “blame Israel first.”  The principle is “everything is Israel’s fault and Muslims are just reacting to it.”  This Leftist, Obama admin, anti-Semitism is really starting to show, unfortunately too late.

Next we have the Women’s March proving they they are just a bunch of Lefty Jew haters.  Rasmea Odeh is a convicted terrorist.  She bombed people in Israel.  She lied on her immigration forms to come to the US illegally.  She was caught.  She agreed to being deported to avoid jail time.

This is how the Women’s March chose to announce that.

Not “Illegal immigrant who committed fraud on immigration paperwork and murdered two students in Israel is deported” that would be too honest.

The Women’s March supports women, women who bomb market places where Jews shop.


In New York City, Thomas Lopez-Pierre is running for city council again.  He’s doing so with a fundraising e-mail that says “SAVE HARLEM from Greedy Jewish Landlords.”

The man he is running against is Jewish.

Lastly (and this one has nothing to do with Trump, just general European Leftism) Heckler & Koch has decided to stop selling guns to “crisis regions” were governments are corrupt and nations support terrorism.  This includes Israel.

Yep, according to H&K, Israel is tantamount to Iran and Afghanistan.  This is just run of the mill Leftism which argues that Israel is a terrorist state.  Socialist Bolivia actually made that official state foreign policy.

I guess, according to H&K, I do suck and they do hate me because I am a fitly untermensch.

I had no plans to buy any of H&K’s overpriced tactical Tupperware any time soon, but I guess it will never happen.

It was just a shit show of far Left Jew hate the last few days.  This year is not starting off well.

6 Replies to “Hell of a new year”

  1. Perhaps, the H&K bit should be filtered through the lens of an oppressive German government that really doesn’t like gun manufacturers, and is one of the reasons H&K has been quietly moving departments, including production and R&D, out of Germany and to the United States? In addition consider that H&K may have been given the list of people that are verboten, and told to put it out on their letterhead. The rules there for business are different than they are here, after all.

    1. “Perhaps, the H&K bit should be filtered through the lens of an oppressive German government…”

      Achtung! Juden Verboten! Oh wait, not THAT oppressive German government.

  2. The Valerie Plame affair is the one that served as an excuse to appoint an “independent counsel” who spent years and millions persecuting innocent people, while he knew from the start who actually did the outing — a person never hassled by this “prosecutor”.

  3. As for Plame – she was never a Clandestine Service officer, and thus could not be “outed”; she was upper management factotum, not a case officer. She was even listed in a publicly accessible phone directory as working at CIA. The whole deal was purposely created-intended to embarrass Bush. When I took “Intelligence Policy ” in grad school at Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service, the professor , a former Deputy Director of CIA, covered the issue in great detail, as well as providing a derisive snort about the whole manufactured incident.

    As for H&K, I suspect that they are trying to dodge a Bullet from Merkel- a ” pox on both your houses” is the low risk solution ; instead of publicly differentiating between good and bad guys. As for their arms- a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 does the same thing as a VP9 without the obligatory Hk weird controls. But I agree -conflating the PA and various terror hotbeds with Israel is going to far. I recommended a VP9 to a student last week; I will not do so again.

    Rob: Happy New Year. I am convinced that anyone who is against Israel has picked the losing side.


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