The War Will be Fun

Apparently, there were some armed Lefty protesters outside the courthouse in Saint Louis, MO, who were part of the Jason Stockley demonstration.

This was reported by Rick Meyer, a photographer with KSDK, the St. Louis NBC affiliate, on Twitter.

Look at this bunch of sad sack “revolutionaries.”

From left to right, or maybe more accurately, radical left to far left: Ginger Arafat, Stickmag, Emo Hawkeye, and Tactical Coolio.

These are some shitty, Scooby Doo level revolutionaries.  I think I am going to call them: Che and the gang.

I get they they are trying to be intimidating and all, but they just can’t pull it off.

Stickmag looks like a back row backup dancer in a Bruno Mars music video.

I wonder which gangsa rapper he stole that Glock from?

Ginger Arafat may be trying look tough and show solidarity with Palestinian terrorists in his keffiyeh (another Lefty anti-Semite), but I’m sure he spent more money on his pre-worn hipster boots than his Sevens 320, made in China shotgun.

My absolute favorite is Emo Hawkeye.

First, budget cuts must have hit the Avengers program hard, because he’s barefoot.

Second, his arrows.  Those are the cheap, fiberglass practice arrows you get at the sporting goods store for the bow you shoot at Scout Camp.  I’m not sure if they would survive being launched in a compound bow.  He has no broadheads either, those are round nose target points.

Third, and this is the best part, THAT’S NOT REAL INTERCEPTOR ARMOR.  He’g going to be mighty surprised when he learns the hard way that the $99 he spent on eBay actually bought him an Airsoft Interceptor OTV clone, which is about as bulletproof as a windbreaker.

I will give Emo Hawkeye this, his three Scout Camp arrows are – technically – reloads.  Which means that he has a little more forethought than his compatriots.

Seriously, that is going to be one short lived firefight.  Especially for Ginger Arafat.  I guess he couldn’t find a way to carry spare ammo that color coordinated with his outfit.  Mag pouches just don’t fit the revolutionary chic aesthetic.

If this is the people we are going to have to fight in the next Civil War, I say lets get this shit over already.  It will be fun.

12 Replies to “The War Will be Fun”

    1. If you look closely there appears to be a plastic holster clip next to Goober ‘s belt “buckle”. I’m thinking an Uncle Mike’s IWB, worth a good $20 of anyone’s cash.

      1. Old eyes ain’t that good anymore. So I went with the whole gansta’ vibe. On the other hand, If I’m gonna tuck a Glock down there I might want something a bit more substantial than a soft nylon scabbard. Besides, the joke just wrote itself. 😃

  1. His arrows might not even break my skin, however, my razor sharp broad heads would go about 8 inches into his chest. Don’t show up to a compound bow fight with arrows with field points. Du-oh!

    Barefoot is just too sad. Who today cannot even buy a pair of cheap shoes?

  2. Mr J , I find your comments offensive……..Scooby Doo is WWAAAYY smarter than these clowns heh heh heh……barefoot, anyone got a couple glass bottles?

    1. Hans Gruber: [during a shootout with McClane, who is barefoot] Karl, schieß dem Fenster
      Hans Gruber: [Karl gives Hans a puzzled look. Exasperated, Hans repeats it in English] *Shoot* the *glass!

  3. If you look close, I think tactacoolio has a flip up front sight on the bottom of his AR hand guard. Must be some new tactics I’m not aware of.

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