Praise the Lord and Church Carry.

One person was killed and eight others wounded Sunday after a man in a ski mask opened fire following a church service in Antioch. The shooter, identified as Emanuel Kidega Samson, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation and is being treated at the hospital, according to Metro Nashville Police.

Source: Nashville church shooting: Masked gunman kills woman, injures seven in Antioch, police say

The #Gunsense idiots like Shannon Watts and Ladd Everitt keep Fake Asking “Why would anybody need to carry in Church?”

We wish we wouldn’t have to, but there are always idiots that  will not respect the House of God and needed to be reminded that they are not only not free to do the Devil’s Work but there will be Righteous People ready to stand and defend His Children.

And that is why we carry.

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  1. If I had been outside today I would probably have heard the sirens. Come to think of it, I DID hear the helicopters.

    The details are still evolving, but the hero of the day is a 22 year old usher. He sustained some pretty bad head injuries taking on the shooter, who is a 25 year old bodybuilder.

    Usher is a gun guy, but had his gun in the car. I presume that was because someone insisted to him that no one needs a gun a church, especially one with less than 50 members.

    Usher took the shooter on and CAUSED the shooter to shoot himself in the leg. Usher then went to his car and retrieved his own gun to make sure the shooter didn’t try to leave.

    No idea on the disposition of the shooter’s weapon after the leg shot. I imagine it was empty.

    That usher, Robert Engle, is a hero.

  2. t my home church , the pastor always” knew” , without any formal statement, that there were always at least 6-8 ushers and elders who were carrying.
    The world is fallen, and there are bad guys looking for easy targets; they think a church is likely an easy mark and “open season”. They would be mistaken .

    Would that ” easy mark” be untrue at EVERY synagogue and church.
    The Pilgrims carried their arms to church.

    1. Much credit to that usher’s heroism. Indeed it is unfortunate he wasn’t carrying, or he might have been able to act more quickly.
      Robert Avrech, gun owning orthodox Jew movie script writer working in Hollywood CA (wrap your head around that combination) and owner of the blog, mentions that the synagogue he attends encourages members to carry if they are licensed, as a number of them are. This is an example worth adopting nationwide.
      By the way, if you haven’t read his essay “Jew without a Gun” yet (about his experience in the LA Riots some decades ago), I’d encourage you to do so. It’s very well written, and a perfect expression of why privately held arms are required for the security of the people.

  3. Our congregation meets in an older building in an industrial area. Anyone entering with evil intentions will succumb to lead poisoning, guaranteed. There are always several members carrying.
    It is unfortunate that the times necessitate such measures, but there are sheepdogs mixed in with this flock.

    1. I’m not sure about “the times necessitate…”. Has there ever been a time when they did not? Would you expect such a time ever to exist among imperfect humans? The difference is that in decades and centuries past, it was assumed that ordinary law abiding citizens would be armed, and this knowledge serves to discourage attempted evil. As they used to say, “si vis pacem, para bellum”.
      Come to think of it, among churchgoers you can quote other authorities from centuries past. Luke 22:36 comes to mind.

      1. I agree it has been a continual necessity. However, as you point out, there was a lower likelihood of an incident in times past when armed resistance was assumed. Most who believe guns are unnecessary in church don’t understand why they were historically safe. I.e.; armed congregants.

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