Really, you say?

The great Mel Brooks gave an interview in which he said PC culture is killing comedy, and that movies like Blazing Saddles would never get made in today’s PC climate.

This scene (one of my favorite) would spark riots in major cities across America.

What Brooks said was nothing new, and is something other great comedians have said before.

Some Lefty mashugana schmuck from the Lefty Daily Beast had the audacity to respond to Mel Brooks’ statement this way.

Mel Brooks is one of twelve people to have won an EGOT, that is an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.  He’s also won a whole shitload of other awards for his work.

Three of his comedies are listed on the American Film Institute’s 100 best comedies of the last 100 years.  That includes Blazing Saddles at No. 6.

On the other hand Awawin Suebsaeng is a putz reporter for the Daily Beast who actually said this:

“If you’re covering politics, and particularly if you’re covering Hollywood​, if you’re not making someone powerful or important mad, you’re not doing your job right.”

So he thinks that journalism is just trolling.  Woodward and Bernstein he’s not.

What he did is a shining example of terrible millennial cringe comedy.

A snarky turd with delusions of grandeur, who has never and will never be relevant calling Mel Brooks irrelevant is pure gold.


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