Moving the Goalposts over a Minefield.

According to the source, “peaceful protesters” in Berkeley are handing this to people.

I like the veiled threat of “for your safety.”  But it is more than just a restriction on the First Amendment Rights but also they are trying to reduce the gathering of evidence that can be used against them. One example is the Bike Lock attacker:

Eric Clanton was outed by members of 4Chan (or as they call themselves “weaponized autism”) and eventually he was arrested by the reluctant Berkeley PD and charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, with the special allegation of causing great bodily injury.

So, it is in their best interest to threaten you with bodily harm if you take pictures or videos of them behaving badly. They are already after the MSM, much to the popular Schadenfreude which are somehow behaving like the first time a wife gets a dose of backhand from her obviously abusive husband. And as such, they will still defend them because they are nice but misunderstood kids fighting for good thing.

Screw ’em. I have pity for the real abused wives. They can beat the shit out of all the Media Idiots defending Antifa for all I care.

2 Replies to “Moving the Goalposts over a Minefield.”

  1. If I was at such an event/riot, my camera would be used copiously. Then the memory card would be dropped off at the police station.

    Oh, and if you have to wear a mask for your cause, it is automatically evil and needs to be opposed and destroyed. They are simply Brown Shirt thugs.

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