The mask has fallen off

For a long time, there has been a element (if not a growing majority) of the Left that has had admiration, if not total infatuation, for socialist dictators.

Walter Duranty was a reporter for the New York Times, covering Russia, from 1922 to 1936.  He was so enamored with Stalin that he lied in every report about the Communist regime a covered for Stalin’s crimes against humanity.  To this day there are people who think the NYT should be stripped of its Pulitzer Prize from Duranty’s work because of his deliberate disinformation.

After 1967, any Leftist who wanted to be part of the radical chic went out and bought themselves a Che shirt.  Today, it can been seen everywhere by Lefty artists and celebrities who want to show off just how much they hate American Capitalism from the red carpet of Hollywood Award shows.  They deliberately play down what Che did – the mass murders, torture, execution – for the hip symbol that Che represents to them.*

*These are, of course, the same fucking people who want to ban the Confederate flag, monuments, and even dig up Confederate graves, because those are symbols of “hate,” but Che is a symbol of “love.”

After Trump’s election, Rosie O’Donnell called for martial law to stop the Trump Inauguration.  Miguel made a post then a repost about that.

Since then, the mask has totally fallen off these people, if it hadn’t already.

High profile, and some not so high profile, Leftists are now actively rooting for Kim Jong Un over Donald Trump in both the current diplomatic conflict as well as in any potential war.

That is an American celebrity wanting to live under the North Korean dictator who operates death camps, is deliberately starving his own people reducing them to cannibalism while he imports luxuries for himself, and stages grotesque public executions for fun and intimidation.

No, Kim Jong Un is not right.  He has been saber rattling, firing missiles over Japan, and American ally.

Limmy is a despicable Quisling fuck, willing to cost the lives of millions of Americans in a (presumably nuclear war), and forfeit all of our civil rights to live in the same socialist utopia that Chelsea Handler wants to live in.

Yep,  some North Korean speech writer got a copy of Merriam-Webster and yeah… fuck Trump.  Who cares about Kim Jong Un’s atrocities, he insulted Trump and that is good enough to earn esteem in for the NYT.  I guess the ghost of Walter Duranty is running the fucking paper now.

Even Deputy Chairman of the DNC, Keith Ellison, sides with Kim Jong Un over Trump.

The Left would rather live in famine, under the boot of the North Korean military, that under the Constitutionally limited presidency of Donald Trump.

They favor death camps and executions to losing elections.

I would say that we are at peak stupid, were only 8 months into Trump’s term.  I fear we are only at the foothills Mt. Retard.

6 Replies to “The mask has fallen off”

  1. “I fear we are only at the foothills Mt. Retard.”

    I fear you are right. I also greatly fear that, should Trump win re-election, the country will literally fall to pieces and a Civil War will erupt. The putrid, Communist left can’t handle defeat, and won’t tolerate it again. Prepare accordingly.

  2. All these communist sympathizers should be deported to North Korea to live under their beloved Rocket Man.

    The depth of historical ignorance and disconnect with present day realities is amazing. Let’s see…they would rather live under a murderous and aggressive despot than under our elected POTUS who has an obligation to enforce laws.

    A swath of so-called Americans are simply traitors and enemies. A good chunk of the Democrat Party leadership is in that camp. All of Antifa and much of BLM are enemies of our freedom and country. Progressives are a cancer.

    I do not want the Second American Civil War, but it will be over quickly for them if they start it.

  3. “The Left would rather live in famine, under the boot of the North Korean military, that under the Constitutionally limited presidency of Donald Trump.”

    Well yeah, that’s what they’ve been saying all along. That was Bernie’s entire platform.

    “Kim-Jong Un called Trump a ‘dotard,’ how harsh is that burn?”

    On a scale of 1 to 10, just a little below a patch of Icy Hot.

  4. “The Left would rather live in famine, under the boot of the North Korean military, that under the Constitutionally limited presidency of Donald Trump.”

    Not quite. What they want is for US to live in famine, with them wielding the boot. This is the leftist delusion — assuming it is they who will end up on top, in charge, in power. I call this the “Trotsky delusion” after the guy who first made it famous.

  5. Rob
    I look for your thoughtful comments daily. You are more polite than I am.

    As for Keith Ellison, he is a socialist fascist Islamist, but hey, I repeat myself. Chelsea Handler? A celebrity I had never even HEARD of until she broke to the front of the pack of anti-constitutionalist Trump haters. A Jane Fonda for the 21st Century and even less funny. She should put her butt where her mouth is ; NoKo welcomes “refugees” of her ilk.

    Keep up the good fight in this New Year.


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