Does anybody know anymore?

So taking a knee during the National Anthem started with Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality.

That’s a noble cause, but I fail to see how kneeling during the anthem protested that.  The anthem is about the resilience of American as the land of the free and the home of the brave.  The optics of protesting the anthem and the flag seemed disrespectful to the principles on which this nation was founded and those who worked, fought, and died for them. 

Some in the mainstream tried to make the backlash against Kaepernick entirely about racism.  It wasn’t.

Then Trump got into the fray. 

Now taking a knee is part of The Resistance.

Resistance to what?

Seriously, I’d like to know.

Are we resisting police brutality?

Are we resisting the ideas of liberty and civil rights enshrined in the Constitution that are the foundation of this nation, symbolized by our flag?

Are we resisting Trump?

What does that even mean?

If he tries to help grow the economy will The Resistance tank it and hurt the livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans just to spite Trump?

It’s like a never-ending two minute hate.

All I know is that I’m sure if Trump came out and made a speech against incest, Slate, Salon, Huffpo, and The Daily Beast would all run articles about how sister humping is the next trans rights and Progressives would all start fucking their siblings, for no other reason than Trump said not to.

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  1. The Left claims it is moral, tolerant, and superior. Not!

    Let me add to your example to show the two extremes.

    Everything Trump does is viewed as evil incarnate. If the POTUS cured cancer they would scream that he took jobs away from the health care industry.

    Meanwhile, the Fake News Media and Hildabeast supporters would excuse her for a televised child sacrifice while nude and chanting from the koran. Given her axiomatic criminal acts, I don’t think that is hyperbole.

    So, anything that can be blamed on Trump (e.g. NFL tantrums, hurricanes, North Korea) will be offered. I ignore EVERYTHING the FNM says and so should every discerning adult.

  2. “if Trump came out and made a speech against incest, Slate, Salon, Huffpo, and The Daily Beast would all run articles about how sister humping is the next trans rights and Progressives would all start fucking their siblings”

    They don’t already?

  3. J,

    You do not understand. Progressives demand you understand. Progressives demand you care. Progressives will make you understand, even if they need to cave your head in to do it.
    Jew vill understand! Jew vill be made to care!

  4. I’ve always disliked football and the NFL in particular on the basis of the game itself. I find it incredibly slow paced and boring. Now, though, I genuinely loathe the NFL and it’s players. Someone should point out to these guys that by taking a knee to protest Trump, they are effectively kneeling before him, though not quite in the same way they intended.

  5. Slightly off topic but in a similar vein… I was told that my ‘real’ reason for not wanting to spend money on another pay tv service just to watch ST:D was because I’m racist.

    I wish I were kidding.

  6. Fuk the NFL. I just love some multi millianaire black football player whining to me(white guy makes 40K a year) how oppresed he is… hhhhmmmm how bout we bring back all the things us racist white guys USED to do to blacks…
    Grow up you bunch a babies. You dont like America, LEAVE.

  7. I’m trying to figure out how kneeling is protesting. Kneeling has always been a sign of submission throughout history in (probably) every culture.
    The very first instance I saw of kneeling during the anthem didn’t say what it was for, just showed a picture and said the whole team did it. I legit thought it was a sign of Uber Patriotism.

    Just mixed signals all around. I agree, it doesn’t even make sense anymore.

  8. What you’re looking at is the end result of 40+ years of “We’re not gonna fight the culture war”. Politics is downstream of culture and if you waste a whole generation withdrawing because fighting back ‘makes us look like we’re not cool’ stuff like this (and the antifa nonsense, and just a ton of other stuff) should be expected.
    barbarians come form within, and they’re bred at home.

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