Will history repeat itself?

There are barriers that common sense tell you should not be breached. But when you are living in the era of the Politicization Of Everything, some don’t care and will go through those barriers because they think it will advance their cause.

Sports used to be one of those things people would put their political differences aside and just watch for the sake of pure enjoyment.  In the US that meant that the NFL games would be a respite from the idiocies of Washington, the politicians and assorted pundits. But since some crappy quarterback with an even crappier Afro decided to bring into the field what should have remained outside, now the escapism of an afternoon of football has been shattered.

But at the risk of destroying the image of what was supposed to be a New Era in race relations and struggle for the good and daring Circumstances (and assorted bullshit) I need to remind people that this path was already walked upon in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos doing the Black Power Salute.

The Civil Rights Movement was at that moment was popular and well supported. But the fact that those two idiots went political during the games that were designed from the beginning to bring people together while ignoring politics and warfare was seen as despicable and out-of-place by many, but not all and some important voices supported their actions even gong as far as threatening to convert every sporting event into a political demonstration.

Four years later at the Olympic games in Munich, when we found out that somebody else found the idea of injecting politics to sporting events to gather attention very much appealing: The terrorist organization known as Black September.

The gates were destroyed after that. Later on we had the boycotts by both the US and the Soviets and the appeal of a politics-free Olympic was shattered forever. The aura of the games being above the mundane and daily events, that we could somehow place ourselves in Olympus and watch pure sports for the sake of sports itself was dead and would never come back. I fear the NFL is already on that path…and they deserve it.

Not saying that we will be attacked by terrorists, but at the same time I cannot say it will not happen. It is too tempting for some deranged assholes not to take  chance to disrupt an event or something related to the NFL or even MLB because the OK and blessing have been given by the Intelligentsia and even the NFL itself.

I would say that future games are to be officially considered Stupid Places which we must avoid to visit lest we win a Stupid Prize.

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