Taking a forced break

So this happened to my laptop’s screen earlier today.

Something or somebody ethereal decided to take a swing at the screen and it is gone. By the time I wrote this, nothing could be discerned but funky lines and shades.

I have a secondary monitor, but I am having a tough time trying to make it the main. It was a chore just to get the browser on that side and I am not gonna lose my mind trying to  get it one way just to revert it back.

Good news is that a replacement screen is available and it is easy enough to fix, I can do it.

The bad news? Reputable places are asking $97 to $109 for the screen which is another pounding my pocket was not expecting and after Mom’s hospital visit, the expenses are mounting high . You can find it cheaper in Amazon ($70 or so) and Ebay, but it gives me the willies because they do not look like stable operations.

And, I have a little procedure on Friday. Some exploratory thing to see if I can get rid of my back pain. Yup, it keeps piling up.

So, till I get it fixed, I will leave this blog in the capable hands of J. Kb.

PS: This is what it looks like now.


And my headache is back…Oy!

8 Replies to “Taking a forced break”

    1. I managed to click around and accidentally got the screen options thing up to switch between monitors.
      But once you are used to two monitors, it is a pain in the ass to have only one… and to the side.

  1. eBay is a good source for parts. Most newer laptops come apart very easily compared to the days and service manual are available from almost every manufacturer.

    To change screens easy hold down the Windows key on you keyboard and while holding it tap the p key twice. That should duplicate the screens and then you will be able to see everything to screw around with it more.

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