He kinda reminds me of somebody infamous…

J.Kb. already touched on Lt. Spenser Rapone.

He reminded me of another famous military man who was secretly a “Rojo”  (Red as in communist), Hugo Rafael Chavez.

At least Hugo was smart enough to remain in the political closet till he got to power.

Then again the selfies had not been invented when Chavez was trying to overthrow the democratic government of Venezuela.


3 Replies to “He kinda reminds me of somebody infamous…”

  1. He probably hopes the Army will cashier him so he doesn’t have to perform the duty to which his West Point attendance has obligated him. He might be surprised to find that Uncle Sugar would almost certainly require him to pay back the money that went into his education.

    But that’s really too good for him. The Army should stick him in an absolute shithole place, where there’s no pathway for advancement, and where he and his political beliefs can’t do any harm. Even if he doesn’t do his duty, being made inconsequential and irrelevant is a punishment. When he’s done, he should be given a dishonorable discharge (because you just know he’ll shirk his duties at his shithole post), and that will mess him up for the rest of his life.

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