Hillary 2.0 not running for office.

I found via Sebastian that Shannon Watts is not running for that congressional seat in Colorado where she got her new very expensive home.

“Ultimately, I decided my work with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Rise to Run is more important than ever, given the election of Donald Trump, and right now I’m going to stay focused on helping to shape the laws and elections that impact women,” she said.

Source: Shannon Watts not running for Congress

Sebastian makes the point that she is not backed because she is associated with Gun Control which is a very low preoccupation now, and it is a fair analysis. To me it is also the carpetbagger effect and I am willing to bet the local Dems made it clear she is not welcome yet as she is just a recent arrival and only has notoriety because of her patron Michael Bloomberg.

This is also telling. the Dems have pretty much rejected Bloomberg’s millions for their coffers. The particular seat that Shannon was lusting after is firmly Democratic to the point there is not even a Republican registered for the primaries. I am sure that they could have used the cash for other races, but they seem to have  slapped his face and told him to go away. Then again, Bloomberg’s investments have not quite given the results they have wanted.

Now, I do believe we will see more dissension within Moms Demand. If they were getting pissed at the honchos when Shannon was thinking to become a Congresswoman, having her around mad as a wet hen and taking it out on everybody is not gonna help the internal Kumbaya of the organization.

I wonder if she really likes snow.

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  1. She has been drifting out of her lane on other topics on social media into the topics of health care and women’s rights.

    I think her and her handlers realized that the Dem seat in her district was on lock.

    If you look, the Republican senate seat in 2020 is coming up for reelection. I figure she is playing long ball and is going to boost her profile outside of gun control over the next couple of years and run for senate in 2020.

    That’s where I put my money.

  2. So she is trying to do stuff for women?

    Wow! She actively works to disarm all women so they can be easy victims of domestic violence. Ex husbands and evil boyfriends do not need weapons to hurt women. The gun is the great equalizer.

    I wonder just how many gun control hypocrites there would be if they faced such dangers without their security detail?

  3. as near as i can tell, the boulder county democrats have a pretty long pipeline set up, running from social worker on up to congressman, and they’ve got a firm grip on everything inbetween. i’m surprised she thought she’d be able to jump the queue.

  4. Called it. Bloomie must be using Hillary’s Campaign software.

    Hillary only got to where she is by clinging to Bill’s coattails. On her own, she’d just be that really feminist professor everyone hates at some college somewhere.

    Shannon is pretty much a non-entity, a pretty face used to shill a product- gun control instead of soap.

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