Campus Hysterics

I saw this video on Campus Reform.

I couldn’t stomach all 9 minutes of it, but that’s OK, since the critical part happens within the first few minutes.

This young woman hysterical Lefty nutjob says that the slogan Donald Trump ran on – Make America Great Again – represents genocide.

I’m still having a hard time with Trump.  He picks some excellent justices, then does some stupid shit on social media.

What I can tell you is that he has not engaged in genocide.  There are no Trump death camps.  There are no Trump mass graves.  There are no Trump gas chambers or firing squads.

To make the claim that MAGA means genocide is so far beyond reason it boggles the mind.

Then this bipedal manifestation of trigger warnings lets it all slip.

“Fuck your laws.”

“Your fucking freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

There is no arguing with this.  This is a fundamental belief that there is no equality under the law.  The law is whatever she feels it should be at the time.  Nobody else’s rights exist if they offend her hair trigger sensibilities.  She will use whatever tactics are necessary to get her way, be damned.

This is tyranny of the highest order.  This is what we are up against.

2 Replies to “Campus Hysterics”

  1. I could live with the theater of their hysterics and the yelling and their making public fools of themselves. But the “powers that be” in whatever form that takes wherever they are when they do their theater, will almost always default to allowing them to getting away with it and will kowtow to their loudness and ourtrageousness at our expense just so they (the powers) don’t have to deal or confront their abuse.

  2. I bet she wouldn’t be so contemptuous of laws if her assault was met with defensive force. I bet she’d be screaming for the police in seconds.

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