Different worlds

I watched the beginning of the September 28th episode of Tucker Carlson and the opening and first interview were horrifying.

I think it was unpresidential for Trump to call NFL players “sons of bitches” but the insinuation that he was telling the owners to “control [their] dogs” or that NFL owners are like plantation owners controlling slaves is so beyond the pale it’s halfway out to Iceland.

Tennessee Titan Delanie Walker responded to fan criticism of players taking a knee by saying “no one’s telling you to come to the game.”  So the owner of a franchise cannot be critical of an employee who is telling the customer base to piss off without it being entirely racist?  I’m not from Tennessee but I’d encourage my readers to tell their local and state reps to stop subsidizing Nissan Stadium and end any tax exemptions on the team.  If the team hates its customer base that much, they shouldn’t receive taxes from the city.  But I digress.

The bigger point is, listening to the woman he interviews, I get the impression that she – and black community she represents – believe that being black in the United States is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany or an America supporter in Cuba.

They live their life in constant fear that the police will snatch them from their beds in the middle of the night or arrest them off the street and execute them for nothing.  That the nation, to the very core of its being, hates them and takes great pleasure in hurting and killing them.

Being black in America is to live a paranoid existence in a dystopian, police state, nightmare.

This is objectively, patently false.

If this is the case, then I don’t think it is possible to end this division.

If the stance of millionaire celebrities and pundits is that life for them is not any better than it would be in… North Korea, because of the color of their skin, that is an adamantine victim mentality.

How can I take seriously a man worth some $40 million, with multiple Oscar nominations and an Emmy, acting like he’s Anne Frank?

I can’t.  All this does is make me angry, but I guess that’s Tucker’s point.

2 Replies to “Different worlds”

  1. Hhhmmm, ” no one asked you to come to the game” ok, I ll stop coming,and everyone I know will stop coming and pretty soon YOU wont have your cushy multi million dollar JOB, dumbass. Great idea, piss off your customers….

  2. She has to go over the top, both with Trump’s comments and with the state of race relations in the country, because the facts in both situations aren’t (sufficiently) inflammatory by themselves.

    For instance, every news outlet ran stories that said Trump called the players “sons of bitches.” He did not. He asked a crowd of people if they’d approve of a team owner who took such a stance. A liberal friend of mine said “That’s the same thing.” Is it? If so, then why didn’t the media report something he didn’t say? They did so because what he actually said, in context, wasn’t sufficiently offensive.

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