F*** your rights and F*** the law.

If you need to concentrate all that fs wrong with SJW and Antifa, here is the video:

By her speech pattern, I am hazarding a guess our Social Justice Fighter is of Mexican extraction, Aztec to be precise and it is hilarious to me that she talks about genocide when her ancestors celebrated mass sacrifices at the drop of a dime. We are talking more killings in one weekend than all the persons executed by the Spanish inquisition during it existence.

For her and her political kin, you have no rights, property is what they tell you can have (if any) and I am sure she thinks your life can be forfeited in the altar of Socialism so the Little People can have what she thinks they should have.

So basically, she will follow her ancestors’ traditions and cut your heart out if given the chance.

And that is why we own guns and a shitload of ammo.

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