3 Replies to “Support PRexit. (Update)”

  1. Typical Demon-crap bullshit. The loud minority is trying to fuck the rest of the people for a teeny tiny bit of what they perceive as political gain.

    The current incompetent “look-at-me-look-at-me” PR Mayor libtard puppet is not helping a things, so she needs to be replaced ASAP with someone who actually cares that a big portion of the island’s people are suffering and will get things moving quickly rather than waste time with political grandstanding.

    As for these a-holes bitching about the military bringing supplies, take pics of them and make sure they get nothing. See how they like them odds then.

  2. They sound very committed and energetic. Also well fed and rested.

    They should put the energy into rescuing their fellow citizens and helping them rebuild. If they don’t have skills, they can at least help clear storm debris or carry supplies into the areas without roads.

    No habla epanol. What are they chanting?

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