And the vultures come out.

At least she responded faster than Benghazi. That is an improvement.

Never let a crisis go to waste. Aren’t the bodies still on the ground?

Update 12:20 pm EST

I just heard from the LVMPD’s Sheriff Joseph Lombardo that the bodies have not been retrieved from the crime scene as the investigation continues.

I guess following the best Las Vegas tradition,  the corpses are a buffet where Hillary and Shannon are stuffing their political faces into.


5 Replies to “And the vultures come out.”

  1. No, a silencer would not have made a difference. Concealed Carry Reciprocity would not have made a difference. No, neither NRA leadership nor membership were involved and were not culpable. The over a 100 million firearms owners did absolutely nothing wrong today, so we do not deserve punishment.

    Lying shit-weasels like the Hildabeast and Shannon Watts should STFU.

  2. I’m already prepping a post on the number of tolerant “Love Trumps Hate” types who are celebrating the deaths of presumably, conservative white people, at a country music fest because Trump.

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