Las Vegas shooting.

Keeping an eye on it. Too much still unknown other than more than 20 50 dead so far.

All vets in my timeline are saying the same: Belt Fed Weapon. Which begs the question: Where the fuck did some 64-year-old fart managed to get his hands on a belt-fed machine gun.


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    1. It sounded like a M60. It was too loud for an AK/AR rifle. There is a definite thug-thug sound, of 7.62 rounds of the M60. Once you work with this weapon, as I have for years, you cannot mistake the sound for anything other. I was weapons instructor, and this sound is definitely an M60, belt fed machine gun.

        1. Indeed it is, but, I was in during the Reagan Administration, and we were only acquiring those at that time. Once you here these, you cannot forget the distinct sound. Just how he acquired this, is something that needs to be deeply investigated. Anyone owning one of these, has to be federally regulated. Nothing less. It is EXTREMELY difficult to get one of these, unless the one selling it was complicit in the planning of this murderous thug.

  1. Holy crap just read the story. I’ve always paid attention to entries and exits as well as cover but damn, this is enough to make you paranoid.

  2. Go slow and we will MAYBE find out what he used. Mike Gallager said shots came from 2 seperate rooms a ways apart. Could account for the 37 second delay … either way this is ablow to US,we the people. Never assume guys.

  3. Well that didn’t take long… apparently the Alohasnackbar dweebs club is claiming this loser was converted to “the-religion-of-peace” and had a token to their clubhouse.
    And Cankles Shrillary didn’t waste any time either (as the rest of her progtard followers) to start waiving the bloody shirt. :/


  4. Yes, to follow up on my question, here’s what I believe the answers are based on the 3 PM (PDT) press conference answers from the sheriff: the two windows are the two ends of the large suite he used. And the weapons were a collection of rifles (possibly modified — given what we heard, that sounds likely), .223 and .308 calibre. I heard no mention of M60 or other belt fed weapons.

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