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  1. Most of that sound is the sonic crack of the bullets. The crack is significantly louder than the gunshot at that distance. It also sounds like a firecracker. It tends to be omni directional as well because of the overhead passing rounds.

  2. Notice that it sounds like a “crack”, not a “boom”. Notice that the sound waxes and wanes (as opposed to the constant sound that you’d think it would be from 1 location).

    That’s because what you’re hearing is NOT the gunshot. It’s the “crack” as the bullets fly by. When someone shoots at you and bullets fly by they make a sharp cracking noise as they pass. It waxes and wanes because you’re not hearing noise from the shooting location, you’re hearing the bullets themselves and some are going closer and some further away.

    A suppressor doesn’t change that. You still know you’re being shot at when someone shoots at you with a suppressor.

  3. Just a word about suppressors. In the video link provided you can hear why a suppressed rifle wouldn’t have made much difference. First you hear the distant rattle of the muzzle blast,(suppressor might have muffled that effectively) then you can hear the “ding” when rounds are impacting barriers or other obstructions. Once or twice you can hear the “snap”of a close round. Then you also hear the unmistakable “smack” sound of bullets hitting flesh. All these sounds except for the initial muzzle blast would still be heard suppressed of not. Given the shooter’s distance from the impacts the resultant sounds were louder than the muzzle blast.

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