Vegas for now

Sunday night’s shooting in Vegas is – with as much info as I have – the weirdest shooting ever.

Virtually no details have been released.  I haven’t seen one confirmed source saying what the shooter used.  His background is changing by the hour.  There is still no motive.

The result is a Hurricane Harvey of bullshit, “first to print and retract later” journalism, and conspiracy theories.

Just like with Hurricane Harvey the response by celebrities and the radical Progressives was very different than that of the regular people.

The typical purulent fistulas (usually of the far left) are out celebrating the deaths of (presumably) Trump supporting, Republicans as a country music event, and blaming the NRA and calling it a terrorist organization.

Politicians and activist groups couldn’t wait to espouse their ignorance, raising money, and becoming racially divisive.

Then you see videos of regular people volunteering their pickups to drive the wounded to hospitals and lines for blood donations at blood banks lined up around the block with people waiting for hours to give blood.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting, which means even if they didn’t do it, they approve of it.  The Westboro Baptist Church is also on the side of the shooter, claiming he was sent by god to punish the wicked.

A little pro tip for many people out there, when you find yourself on the same moral side as both ISIS and the Westboro Baptist Church, you can be 100% sure your opinion is pure fucking evil.  You can take that to the bank and cash it for a one way ticket to hell.

It makes you wonder if one becomes a soulless shit stain after becoming a progressive politician/celebrity, or if soulless shit stains are the ones attracted to progressive politics/celebrity status.

But with the total lack of reliable information while drowning in the vomitous opinions and posturing of far too many people who seem only to opine from the sewer of their inner being, I’m going to take a moratorium on discussing the Las Vegas shooting until substantially more verifiable facts are known.

6 Replies to “Vegas for now”

  1. There never was any moral difference between the Westboro “baptist church” [sic] and ISIS. Well, other than the fact that ISIS has lots of support in its area while the support for the so-called WBC numbers almost certainly less than 50.

    1. I am not saying they are not, but I looked for pictures of the Mandalay’s rooms and suites and I did not see carpet, curtain or furniture that looked like the stuff in the picture.

      1. As I understand it, “one large suite with two bedrooms”. So those appear to be the two ends of the suite, giving two different angles to his intended target.

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