What do they not want us to find?

This struck me as weird since so little info has come out about Stephen Paddock:

Has somebody tipped them the guy is not the unmitigated Redneck, Klan and NRA member they need for their political push?

Might be just a bad choice of hashtag trying to recycle some old classics, but it just strikes me as funny/weird.

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  1. The “no notoriety” notion is a very good one. It’s the central theme of Dean Ing’s excellent novel “Soft Targets”. But for the left to push it is unusually hypocritical even by their standards.

    1. I agree. Do not use his name. Use his initials, SP, and/or a description like the LV Concert shooter.

      I think other gunbloggers were suggesting this after the Newtown murders. They didn’t want to give that little psychopath the satisfaction of his post massacre notoriety. Maybe it will discourage the next mass murdering mental defective if he does not see the previous killers’ notoriety?


  2. I have been wondering that as well. Why do we not know what we don’t know. I can’r remember where I read it, but there was a blog I read where they suggested that every story like this the name be replaced with ‘some asshole’. So the story would read “Today some asshole shot at concert goers…”.

  3. As much as I hate to say it, in this particular viewpoint I agree with MDA. Don’t think there is anything else I agree with them about but in this particular viewpoint I agree with them. ( You have no idea how much that annoys me. )

  4. I agree with them. I’ll give credit where it’s due, and it’s due here. They’re actually trying an EFFECTIVE way to stop the shootings rather than just the ineffective political masturbation of going after gun control.

    It’s been proven over and over that mass shootings tend to not follow random timeframes for happening, and instead are grouped. Almost undoubtedly the infamy brought about from the mass shooting inspires more people to it.

    Without the infamy, there’s no reason to commit mass shootings in most cases. Very very few are motivated by anything other than that desire for global infamy.

    Not creating fame doesn’t mean not having the details available to those researching it. It just means NOT plastering the person’s face/name everywhere for a solid 2 weeks. If you specifically look up the wikipedia page for the details they should be there…but the day a mass shooter’s name never ends up ubiquitous on social media or mentioned on the news is the day we see a massive drop in mass shootings from then on.

  5. Considering the last mass shooting at a conservative event, its no wonder they want to bury the shooter’s political leanings and motivations as deep as they can.

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