Why I will mention the name of Mass Killers.

It was brought forward in comments and this is my explanation:

Because nature abhors vacuum.
The same applies to humans, specially after events like this. It is human nature to find the responsible party and assign blame and if we suddenly have a hole where the name of the shooter is supposed to be, our Opposition and the Media will do their best to put the NRA and our names to it.
In an era of instant and full information, to try to ignore the name of a shooter for whatever psychological reasons is sadly outdated.
To hobble ourselves and allow Gun Control to have free hand is suicidal.

So yes, I will mention names and details of the assholes because unfortunately we are not fighting against an honorable adversary. To expect they will fight clean or even with a semblance of honor and morality is to deceive ourselves.

Stephen Craig Paddock. Las Vegas shooter.

PS: That is my particular standing on the issue.
J. Kb. may have a different notion and proceed accordingly.

Update: I saw this in Facebook and have to share:

Take control of the narrative, shape the debate, focus interest where YOU want it. These are basic principles. Abandon the field and the enemy occupies it, and you fight twice as hard to recover it.

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