Let’s make a deal, a follow up.

I read Miguel’s post on why he might need a vacation.

Allow me to make something clear.

I’m not just a gun blogger and recreational shooter, my income, my living, my career is in guns.  I’m not some weak tea supporter of gun rights.

In my heart of ideological hearts I read “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” as just that. 

According to Merriam Webster, infringed means “to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.”

The way I see it, I have the right to go into a gun store and buy an M4 with a giggle switch and under slung M203, pay cash and walk out the door with it.  The only compromise should be on what condiment the person who says I should not be allowed to do that can eat my ass with.

But that isn’t the world we live in.  We live in a world where the NFA, NICS, Gun Control Act of 1968, and FOPA exist.

So there have already been compromises.  I don’t like them but unless there is a civil war or Constitutional Convention, the likelihood of us getting our rights back by stomping our feet and saying “no more compromises” is zero.

Fuck if Trump didn’t get elected on the chant “build the wall” and when DACA came up, he fucking waffled.  Do you expect better from the swamp rats like Ryan and Graham?

Of course not. 

So in the game of politics, I am willing to sacrifice a pawn for a queen.  I’ll trade bump fire for the right to carry on 5th Avenue in NYC with my Alabama permit.  I’d happily trade some piece of plastic shit that causes AR’s to jam for the right to build a 12 inch 300 BLK with a can on it with only a 4473 at point of sale.

I want to beat them at their own game.  It seems most “pro gun” Republicans take a stand before an election then grab their ankles afterwards.  

If you can get results with no compromises, more power to you.  Show me results.  If you can’t, what trades are you willing to make for a big win. 

Also, if you have issues with one of my posts, leave it in the comments.  I read them.  Don’t torment Miguel on my behalf.

9 Replies to “Let’s make a deal, a follow up.”

  1. I make part of my living from firearms. You are 100 percent right. A new Corvette is damn near a 200mph car and all you need is the money to buy it. When is the anit gun side gonna “compromise”???? I am really tired of US always giving something up.. so I say leave EVERYTHING guns the hell alone. If someone breaks the law with a gun,fry HIM,not me. Kinda like arresting me because my friend got caught drunk driving…

  2. The problem is that what has passed for “compromise” is actually capitulation. There hasn’t been any real compromise with gun rights so far. When the left states a compromise has been reached, it only means that they have accepted that the erosion of gun rights will have to be more incremental than they’d like. I haven’t seen anything given back to our side yet. That said, I agree with this post completely.

  3. Agree with the post. The problem is the definition of compromise. Squishes like Ryan and McYurtle aren’t really interested in getting anything of value in trade.

  4. Compromise is give and take; an exchange. Shit is not a fair medium for compromise and as far as I can see, shit is all we ever got for what was given up.

  5. https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Illustrated-Guide-To-Gun-Control.png

    Still true today.

    For it to be a compromise, we gun owners need to get something too. Not just give. I’m sick of giving and never getting.

    We don’t even need to do a law to get there.

    POTUS orders ATF to reverse their decision on bump-fire stocks, declaring them machine guns.

    POTUS then orders an NFA amnesty period for machine guns.

    All allowed, today, with existing laws.

    We really Really REALLY don’t want Congress opening up the hood and tinkering around.

    Other things I will TAKE in exchange for bump stocks: National CCW reciprocity, deletion of 922(o), passage of SHARE with a bump stock ban attached, etc…

    Those are compromises. I’m done giving without getting.

  6. National Reciprocity will destroy the gun control movement.

    I want to see an NRA Convention in Manhattan, and everyone legally carrying. They march from the convention center to a symbolic site like the NYT, CNN, or ABC. Maybe all of the above? I want the people of Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and California to see people legally carrying, and ask their reps why some hick from Kansas or Georgia can carry, but they cannot?

    National Carry Reciprocity will destroy gun control in ten years. It will regularize guns for people in the blue states, and real people will see guns are not something to be feared. Like evey other state that shall issue came to, the Progressive Liars will claim “Blood in the Streets,” “Wild Wild West Gunfights,” and stacks of dead bodies. And after a year, everyone will notice that none of this actually happened. Soon, they will ask for sane gun laws and rollbacks of stupid laws.

    Of course, it will also mean the virtual end of the NRA, GOA and SAF too. Will they be willing to accept victory and a reduced presence? Or will they not fight for victory, and use the continued low level fight to maintain their power and prestige?

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