Pelosi: Background Checks would have stopped Las Vegas Shooting.

When it comes to Gun Control, Nancy Pelosi is a jukebox with only one song.

And in case you can’t see the video from Twitter:

Q: What new law would stop something like this?
Pelosi: Background checks


Stephen Paddock bought his firearms at gun shops and passed the background checks. Dear God that shit was reported plenty already!

Two Nevada gun shops confirmed Monday that they sold firearms to Mandalay Bay shooter Stephen Paddock in the last year and said he passed all required background checks.

Source: Two Nevada Gun Shops Say Stephen Paddock Passed Background Checks – NBC News

Is she fucking kidding me or is she simply stupidly uninformed? Or just plain losing her mind as it is being rumored?

Oh please dear God, let the Democrats keep her where she is.

8 Replies to “Pelosi: Background Checks would have stopped Las Vegas Shooting.”

  1. None of the above, I think.
    As they say “never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity”. But in her case, and that of ilk such as Feinstein, stupidity is no longer an adequate explanation.
    My explanation is malice: her unstated belief is that a proper background check is one that rejects all ordinary Americans, restricting guns only to the privileged such as herself and her special friends and owners.

  2. Unesteemed anti-gun grabboids: Since y’all have such a unhealthy fetish with “new laws,” show me one that will force criminals to obey the law.

    Go ahead darlings. I’ll wait.

  3. Did you see Nancy’s “slippery slope: I sure hope so” comment? I expect that will be replayed many millions of times against every Democratic candidate, as well it should be.

  4. Mrs. Pelosi: why don’t we simply make it illegal to kill people? Or, maybe, double-plus-ungood-poopyhead-illegal to do so with a gun? THAT would usher in The Age Of Aquarius! F’rshure!

    1. As Miguel prayed; Oh no, we need her imbecilic face and statements to continue with her still as Minority Leader. That is unless she looses re-election, which would be OK (and a sea change in her solid demoncrap district).

      She’s helping our side of the equation more than hers and we need to use that advantage for the ’18 elections

      Operation Valkyrie was tried by the German High Command because they all knew Hitler had devolved into an incompetent moron and they were trying to salvage the total defeat they could see coming into another cease-fire and armistice with the Western Allies.
      Many say it was the hand of Providence that stayed the Angel of Death for awhile so the war would end sooner.

      I was amazed that the demoncraps kept her in her leadership position this last time when she was challenged for it.

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