ZOMG! The NRA has given campaign contributions!

They are linking to an editorial of the New York Times and Taco Stand where they “denounce” the top ten Senators and Congresspeople that have gotten money from the NRA. I added the totals for the 20 individuals and it comes to $36,534,740 for ten Senators and $4,301,241 for Congresspeople. Adding both we get $40,835,981. An impressive sum indeed!

But interestingly enough, there is a wee bit small font disclaimer at the bottom of the page. The last item in that disclaimer?

Dollar figures are career totals back to 1989. 

That is twenty-eight (28) years of donations they added up.  It averages $1,456,427 to be divided between 20 people or the grand individual sum (average) of $72,921. Some obviously got more, some less but I am just presenting an average.

During the same time span of 28 years and according to the FEC, one Democrat accumulated over 43 million dollars in contributions for her little self alone.

That would be one Dianne Feinstien who was busy this last couple of days writing a new Gun Control bill. Biggest contributors? Lawyers ($6,547,242) according to OpenSecrets.org, the same place  the NYT editors got the info for their hit piece.

And a nice little graphic from them, we like graphics:

Now, can we dispense with the purity bullshit that allegedly coats the Democratic Senators and Congresscritters? The fact is that the NRA contributions are firmly parked in the small side compared to what Feinstein alone gets.

The NRA’s power is the voters. But I don’t mind the enemy making the same mistake over and over again. I am just hoping the Republicans do not forget that.



4 Replies to “ZOMG! The NRA has given campaign contributions!”

  1. Just saw last night on Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel that Planned Parenthood has given 38 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS as campaign contributions since 2012. Talk about an organization that needs to be erased from existence.


  2. In the four years of its existence. Bloomberg’s Everytown has dropped $5m directly into lobbying , almost exactly the same as the NRA. That’s not counting however the tens of millions in campaign funding its provided including $2m to buying a Chicago primary for a .Rep.



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