Mr. Fudd Goes to Facebook.

A collage of an argument I had with a Fudd. They do seem to believe their weapons will be safe from the thirst of Gun Control Activists.

There was an intervention by the wall owner trying to calm things down. I added the following:


I understand that gun owners may not be keen historians, but if you are as old as me, (and this guy is) you must know by now that there is almost no firearms in civilian use that were either designed for or eventually adopted by the military.Β  Your cute bolt-action rifle? Mauser bolt deign for the German Military makes it a weapon of war. Add that scope to get yourself a nice deer and the Antis will (and some have already) call it a Sniper Rifle that has no use for civilians in the US.

And at the risk of being called an asshole (and worse) you need to forcefully point that out to the Fudds. Let them “enjoy” a Zumbo moment.

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  1. I’m currently involved in a nonsense where one troll said he wanted the same restrictions as driver’s licenses then started screaming ‘right wing talking points’ when shown differently. He then started claiming the industry is ‘shielded from liability’ and the old ‘social cost of gun ownership’ canard. I’m a ‘moron’ because I completely disabused that myth.

    Then guy two comes on trying to be ‘reasonable’ and saying gun owners should have mandatory insurance. He quickly (and unsurprisingly) equated gun owners to drunk drivers and used the ‘if your guns are stolen’ bit.

    Honestly, this is why I’ve stopped. This stupid crap over and over.

  2. My favorite comes from Larry Correia, where his qualifications were given as a reason to exclude him from the discussion. They really believe ignorance is superior to knowledge.

  3. The Damnyankee rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week was the Spencer, not a Henry. Still a lever action though.

    The Henry/Winchester is a nice case study in how a rifle designed for civilian purposes can be repurposed to military needs. However most of the “Indian Problem” was dealt with using the lowly and maligned Trapdoor Springfield. With Spencers, Sharps and Winchesters peppered here and there because tolerance of personally owned guns in the ranks was much higher back then.

    The Sharps is the real eradicator of American Bison, those animals were hunted with an industrial efficiency. A pistol caliber Winchester is not good at killing buffalo sized critters, yes it can be done, but it’s a persistence thing more than a lethality thing.

  4. Miguel- Thumbs up on this one.

    I recently answered a Quora question about “sporting arms ” being all “civilians needed-civilians don’t need weapons of war”… the same kind of drivel. I began by by pointing out that one of my deer rifles is a US Model 1903; only it’s USE makes it a “sporting arm.” The distinction is arbitrary, specious and stupid. My deer rifle is an Infantry battle rifle and can be used for that purpose again, if necessary.

    I shoot sporting clays with an Ithaca Model 37 Skeet Deluxe. It has very nice wood and a vent rib and beautiful bluing, but except for the makeup it’s exactly the same gun used by the Tunnnel Rats in Vietnam. Loaded with No. 4 Buck it will accomplish EXACTLY the same destruction as well. Please Mr Fudd- what is the difference?

    Sadly, many people don’t think- they are positive Nancy Pelosi won’t go after their engraved Auto -5, just like in Australia”sporting guns” will be left alone… oops, you mean they got those too?

    This whole thing is a product of the Leftist drive to control everything. Free people do not control THINGS because they might be misused; Free people punish the INDIVIDUALS who misuse things.

    The Soviets had a term for the fools who supported them they were called “Dupes”.


  5. The only thing Fudds have over the Antis is a smidge of knowledge. Just enough to be quasi-credible to damage our rights.

    Meanwhile the Antis take it as a badge of honor to be utterly uninformed about any thing related to firearms. They just know, “Guns Bad!”

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