On Vacation.

I decided to take a much-needed break from blogging and Pro-Gun Activism.

Nine years and nine months and 7,560 posts later, I need a break.

It is tiresome enough to fight against the Gun Control machine. I simply don’t have the energy to battle the stupid on our side.  And before I go “Fuck it!” and call it quits, I am giving myself some days off. No idea how many.

J. Kb. will still be posting at his pace which means fewer posts but high quality reading stuff will continue to be produced and posted.

I’ll be back to either return to the fight or announce I am gone fishing and shooting for good.  During this time off, I don’t care if they eliminate NFA 34 and GCA 68 or the Second Amendment has been repealed and confiscation is upcoming: Don’t ask me for my opinion because I won’t care. Hence the Honey Badger vacation.

PS: there are three posts scheduled to come up between today and Halloween. There are funnies. Enjoy them as my possible last vestige of humor in blogging.