Choice of weapon

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence gives California an “A” grade for its gun laws.  Likewise the Brady Campaign gives California an “A-” grade.

So for two major anti-gun groups, California is a model for what gun ownership in the US should look like.

California is also a crazy Progressive state.  Crazy, as in they lost their damn minds.

Recently California signed into law a bill that makes it no longer a felony to deliberately infect a person with HIV.

You read that right.

If a person knows they are HIV positive, and does not disclose that fact, and deliberately puts another person at risk of contracting an incurable, life altering, and ultimately terminal disease…. so what.

According to California, it is a worse crime to “stigmatize people with HIV” than it is to deliberately infect them with a terminal illness.

We’re not just talking about sex here, even people who know they are HIV positive and donate blood, are safe from prosecution.

This is SUPER dangerous, as HIV can still be transmitted even when the viral load is below the detection limits.  A person can be HIP+, not tell the blood bank, the blood bank tests the blood, no HIV is detected, the recipient still contracts the virus because California doesn’t want to stigmatize HIV.

Having read the text of the bill I’m pretty sure in California, you can go around sticking people with HIV infected needles and not be guilty of a felony.

California has no right to every lecture anybody about gun laws every again.  It is now a state where simply owning a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine is a felony but murdering someone with an incurable disease is a slap on the wrist.

3 Replies to “Choice of weapon”

  1. Texas and California are two similarly sized states with similar demographics. For the last two decades, Texas has loosened its gun laws every legislative session. California has been doing exactly the opposite for about the same time.

    If gun laws were a major driver of violent crime, shouldn’t these states have wildly different violent crime rates?

  2. We should have treated HIV/AIDS patients the same way as those with TB and quarantined and isolated these carriers. Relying on them to restrain themselves has been proven to be ridiculously ineffective.

    California is insane. The sanctuary status, the gun laws, the release of felons due to prison overcrowding, the drugs, the gangs, the over-spending, and the list goes on for every failed socialist and SJW cause. I despise liberals / Democrats / Progressives / and California nuts. They are Satan’s spawn.

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