Fuck it. I Quit.

I was going to write a long-winded post explaining my reasons, but at the end it all comes to one thing: I have seen too many “Pro-Gun” People venomously hate on the NRA more than on Stephen Paddock (somebody that murdered 59 concertgoers) and the Gun Control Cabal (who are trying to fuck us out of our Rights).
I cannot keep wasting my time on such a collection of assholes.

I am a firm believer in the Right of People to Keep and Bear Arms, but some simply do not deserve it.

The blog will remain open and you will get to enjoy the writings of J. Kb. If we get lucky, we may get a writer in the future.

I may post funny pictures from time to time just because, but I am done with Gun Politics which I pass to Gun Culture 2.0.


6 Replies to “Fuck it. I Quit.”

  1. Thanks for your efforts, Especially appreciate your sense of humor and your tweeking the antis. It can’t have been easy (though maybe fun 🙂 ) dealing with the leftist idiots, and now with the idiots on “our” side eating their own, I can’t blame you. I for one will miss you. Stay safe.

  2. Miguel, I’m going to really miss your insight, your wit, and your priceless trolling of idiots on Twitter. I can definitely understand the need to get off the treadmill, but I hope after some rest you decide you miss it (and us) too much and return, albeit at a pace that fits (Blogger Emeritus??). We need someone to remind us when the Emperor has no clothes (or brains), and your blog is the first on my list at the Old Reader.

  3. I’d urge you to reconsider. After a well-deserved break…
    Sure there are idiots out there, on all sides. There are also people who aren’t idiots, and talking to them is worth doing.

  4. Hi Miguel – I’m hoping that down the road when this current furor dies down some you’ll reconsider and start posting again. I totally understand where you’re coming from right now. The asshats on the left screeching for their “common sense” BS is like nails on a chalkboard. Everyone knows the end game is complete confiscation, and good luck with that plan.

    I’m retired military and LEO and since I’m home a good portion of the day, I get so frustrated and angry at the talking bobble heads on TV who do not even make a vague attempt to hide their bias and utter contempt for those of us who still believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and lead decent, caring lives. And yet we’re portrayed as the problem some how. Baffling.

    Anyway, your blog is one of the most enjoyed I see in my inbox and I’m sure it will continue. Stay safe and sane, if that’s doable anymore.

  5. Sorry, I should have close the comments.
    I do appreciate the good wishes and requests, but I cannot simply fight two fronts .
    Thanks everybody for being readers and please keep enjoying J. Kb. He is young enough to take the abuse.


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