4 Replies to “Video: Old School Race Car Crashes”

  1. Growing up in Indiana, the “500” was an annual tradition. I had heard of the Vukovich crash, but this is the first time I saw it.
    I remember the 1964 crash(es) that killed Sachs and MacDonald. In those days, the race was not televised live for contractual reasons, but it was broadcast on the radio, and I remember hearing the announcer when it happened. (I saw it on TV a few days later.)
    The cars that killed Sachs and MacDonald had their fuel tanks (in those days it was gasoline) running down each side of the car from front to rear, straddling the cockpit like railroad tracks. If they went up, you couldn’t escape. Not the smartest design. (That’s why I said “the cars” killed them.)

  2. It really is amazing to see how much safety has improved on these cars since then. There are still crashes and still deaths, but cages, flame retardants, new designs in track walls have really gone a long way.

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