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Readers may have noticed a new link on the right: PDF Library.

I have been trying to recover and gather old articles, reports and other things I have used during my years of Blogging so somebody else can use it.

I have been realizing a couple of hard drive crashes did me some serious damage and not all I wanted to share is available just yet. I have back ups everywhere and sometimes triple ones so it is gonna be a slow going for a while, but I will continue updating.

I did eliminate half of the stuff I had because they were not only outdated but it is now easier to find updated reports online. IE: The FBI’s UCR was once a mystery but now it is available by talking to your phone. There is no need for me to post the Murder/Manslaughter stats for 2004/2005.

There are some  old stuff that still has relevance like the Congressional Report on the Right To Keep and Bear Arms in the 1990s and the congressional record on armor-piercing cop killer bullets.

I’ll keep adding stuff and appraise you as I do so.


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