Florida Man: The College Professor Part Two.

Rumors of ‘armed Aryan brotherhood milita’9: a.m.: A professor in UF’s geography department emailed his students Wednesday afternoon to be careful with Spencer in town. It was picked up by the department and sent out on a student email listserv just after 4 p.m.

“FYI,” the professor wrote, “I just walked into Turlington 10 minutes ago, and there were armed Aryan Brotherhood militia circling the building. It feels like they are testing how much they can get away with, openly carrying weapons.”

Source: Richard Spencer at UF: Live updates on speech, protest from Gainesville, Florida | Miami Herald

I’d guess the two “Black Aryans” would render the observation invalid. Either that or the Aryan groups in Florida are all-inclusive and following Federal standards for Race Relations.


9 Replies to “Florida Man: The College Professor Part Two.”

  1. Miguel

    Your comments are hilarious – made my day.
    Of course the snowflakes make it easy.

    “Equal Opportunity White Supremecist Aryans follow Federal Civil Rights Law; don’t discriminate on basis of race or color”.

    My hat is off to you

    CPT Taggart

  2. These people are suffering from some sort of collective hysteria. Last year I remember reading about a college that reported a Klan meeting taking place in a class room that turned out to be a microscope with a plastic cover one it.

  3. Um, Florida? No open carry Florida? open carry Aryans would have been way too easy to deal with. This way to the lock up, Gentlemen. I don’t live there and I smelled that fraud.

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