3 Replies to “Florida Man: The College Professor”

  1. He does sort of touch on one idea that has some validity: the idea that speech isn’t “free.” There is a price to to pay when what you have to say isn’t popular, or well reasoned, or doesn’t make any damn sense. Colin and his friends at the National Felon League are finding that out right now.

  2. This guy is a “Law” Professor? Damn, If someone that ignorant can become a “Law” Professor, I wasted four years in engineering school. I am appalled that he conflates the “free” in freedom of speech with economic, political or emotional cost. The first amendment guarantees that the government cannot interfere with speech by anyone. There are some few exceptions; Slander, liable, and famously falsely shouting “Fire in a Theater.” However, the the courts have provided political free speech with nearly absolute protection from GOVERNMENT interference and prosecution. Speech on private property not so much. If I stand in the middle of the office and shout that the boss is a “Lying SOB, and should be stuffed in the neatest trash chute.” I will be escorted out and probably be in the unemployment line the next day (even if the statement is true). If I do the same thing on the Capitol steps and substitute president for boss, I may get 10 seconds on CNN. If this state employed “Law” Professor can’t grasp the above and wants to restrict political speech on a state owned college campus because he may by psychologically hurt in some way, maybe he should be the one looking for other work.

  3. What Nuke Road Warrior said only backwards. If that’s what passes for intellectual power worthy of doctorate in law, I didn’t waste four years in engineering, he wasted six or eight on that law track. The whole department should be shut down. If not all law schools.

    That talk is so wrong it collapses into a singularity of wrong. The very speech that needs protection is so-called hate speech (there is no such thing), but the first amendment only says the government can’t make that illegal. When you sign up to work for any company, you give up that right on company time and company premises.

    This isn’t about the first amendment, it’s about players being dicks by trying to focus all the attention on themselves.

    In the old days of the internet (early ’90s) most of us were online from work and we had to put a disclaimer in our signatures that we weren’t speaking for the company. Until I retired in 2015, if I had gone online and pretended to speak for the company I would have either been shown the door or otherwise been disciplined.

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