The politics of Starvation.

A video showing perfectly good food and water set for the relief efforts in Puerto Rico inside dumpsters is making the rounds:

The OP says the gentleman is Puerto Rico’s secretary of state and vowing to start an investigation.

If the cap is not compromised, that water is good for at least six months for consumption or a full year for personal hygiene.

Meals Ready to Eat. Somebody wants to tell me they suddenly expired?

screen cap rotated 90 dgrees

Unopened boxes of MREs just thrown to the garbage.

This is the Politics of Starvation. There has been reports that PR Mayors have been hoarding the supplies and only giving them to those who voted for them or the party. Those who did not, they get to eat shit and die.

This is Third World politics at its worst. This is Venezuela Politics. This is Somalia Politics.

Voting has consequences, but yet the same fuckers will be re-elected.


7 Replies to “The politics of Starvation.”

  1. It’s sad, but hardly surprising to see Puerto Rico has had such a hard time after this hurricane. The politicians there are monumentally corrupt, and bizarrely, seem interested in playing the #resist card even thought their house has crumbled around them.

    1. Because the people doing this are the government?
      Because they aren’t going to arrest themselves?

      Who arrested Stalin for the Holomodor?
      They gave Stalin a medal for increasing grain exports.

  2. At this point Trump Might as well declare martial law and deploy troops to Puerto Rico to rebuild Infilstructure and after a peroid of time to have supervised elections. If we are going to keep spend our money on fixing Third World countries (That probably hate us) it might as well be one we own and get to keep.

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