Another one bites the dust

Social Justice damaged Hollywood, resulting in 2017 having the lowest box office revenue in over a decade.

Social Justice is destroying football, driving away millions of viewers and hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is barely two months left in 2017, but Social Justice is going to destroy another great American male institution (not the Boy Scouts, they got that too), this time it’s Playboy Magazine.

November 2017 will showcase French, transgender, supermodel Ines Rau as Playmate.

Yep, Novermber’s Playmate of the month is a man.

I guess after years of hocking fake tits, Playboy is going all out and hocking a fake woman.

We now know what finally killed off Hugh Hefner.

SJW Editor: “Hugh, I’d like you to meet our selection for Playmate 2017, Ines.”
Hugh: “Hi.”
SJW Editor: “She’s going to be our first transgender Playmate.”
Hugh: “Fuck it, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” *Croaks*

Now that he’s dead, his magazine is going to follow him to its grave.

At least for November, when men say they read it for the articles, you know they aren’t lying.


4 Replies to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. If you’re saying “Hocking” as in “to pawn one’s valuables,” you’re correct. If you mean “calling out to passersby in order to sell your goods,” you mean “Hawking.”

    I suspect that you mean to say that Playboy was hawking fake tits.

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