12 Strong.

The first warriors on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11 were not Delta or the Seals or some super-duper bunch of Door Kickers, it was a team of Green Berets who literally helped bring down the Taliban government with a GPS, a radio and on horseback…yes, horseback. While the rest of the military was trying to unfuck themselves back at home, they were in the middle of a country that had no love for America engaging people that they did not trust in order to bring down the government that supported Bin Laden and his attack on US Soil.

No, the preview is not exaggerating. They never rode horses, yet they learned and ended up in a cavalry charge against modern armor and artillery…and they fucking won.

If you can’t wait for the movie, get the book Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton.


3 Replies to “12 Strong.”

  1. Welp, since it’s got Michael Shannon (a known dancing monkey) in it, ain’t getting my money.

    Perhaps I will download it on September 19th!

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