General Waters

Once upon a time Maxine Waters was not really on the national radar.  She was consistently one of the most corrupt members of Congress, protected by being an entrenched politician in a gerrymandered district.

Then Donald J. Trump got elected President and Maine Waters’ unhinged calls for impeachment – despite no evidence or justification for such – and constant promotion of the craziest of Russian collusion conspiracies has made her a hero, if not a Patron Saint, of the #Resistance.

I think she is trying to earn a new title “General Maxine Waters.”

She was made a speaker at some gala event in which she said she would “take out” Trump herself.

It seems that she wants to lead the Junta that the #Resistance has fantasies of becoming.

If that happens, I foresee Frederica Wilson being appointed Vice President, since she does has the fashion sense and wisdom of a Socialist African dictator.

The second American Civil War is going to be a hoot.

I can’t wait for statues of General Maxine Waters mounted resplendent on a horse in town squares of The Democratic Socialist Republic of New Yorkifornia.


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