They will eat their own, specially if money is involved.

I click open Twitter and I see this making the rounds:

Apparently there is some sort of tiff and I would even dare to suggest an unpaid bill between The Faux Beheader and The Liberal Ambulance Chaser.

It is never good to piss your lawyer off. Ms. Bloom chose to respond:

Now, I do not know if that happened, but since Kathy Griffin is known as a comedian and is known for saying off the cuff things, Bloom’s tale tends to be a bit more believable.

Anyway, the end result is the same:

6 Replies to “They will eat their own, specially if money is involved.”

  1. That is one angry looking spinster.

    Call me a sexist pig, but I am starting to notice just how angry and miserable all these unmarried or many-times-divorced and childless feminists are once they start to clear 40. All of a sudden they find themselves alone, with only some cats, and all the money in the world won’t fill that hole in their soul and they just turn bitter.

  2. To be fair, all a liberal/anti-gunner would need to do is take a look at various gun blogs to the past few weeks and witnessed the levels of ignorant vitriol leveled at the NRA to have a similarly sweet cup of schadenfreude…..

      1. I actually contemplated sending an email of support to the NRA, just to let them know that there are plenty of us out there who see the big picture here. I decided a better way to let them know would be a donation to the ILA, so I did just that. I’ve noticed that most of the people trashing the NRA aren’t members anyway. You’d think they’d fall right into the arms of GOA and member up, but they don’t, because they’re cheap. It’s easier to be angry on the internet than it is to actually make a difference.

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