This is where feminism dies

Usually when I read about calls to ban To Kill a Mockingbird it is for the same reason as to ban The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, namely that both books contain the word “nigger.”

Most recently, a school district in Mississippi has come under fire for their desire to ban To Kill a Mockingbird because the language makes people “uncomfortable.”

Forgive me for believing To Kill a Mockingbird is supposed to make the reader uncomfortable.  The reader is supposed to be distressed about the way Tom Robinson is treated.  That discontent is supposed to motivate the reader to do something to correct this injustice in the real world and consequently the book has been credited for helping to improve civil rights.

Fast forward to 21st century “woke” Social Justice Feminism.

The reason NOT to teach To Kill a Mockingbird is because it hurts women.

Another kind of damage less often discussed is how the text encourages boys and girls to believe women lie about being raped.

In the era where feminists are fighting rape culture, Hillary Clinton says “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported,” and #MeToo exists as a Twitter trend; a book in which the female fakes a rape claim is just unacceptable.

Mayella Ewell had to believed no matter what.

Congratulations modern feminism, you have just justified the wrongful conviction, attempted lynching, and murder to Tom Robinson.

You should be proud of yourselves, even the Klan couldn’t have done a better job moralizing that.

One Reply to “This is where feminism dies”

  1. Hillary Clinton said, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

    She said it. Every. Survivor.

    Dear Mrs. Clinton,
    Does Juanita Broaddrick deserve to be heard, believed, and supported?

    I won’t hold my breath awaiting that answer.

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