10 Replies to “There is something(s) wrong with this picture…”

  1. Not a very good grip on the rifle thingy you wrap your hand around or it’s one of those nanny state compliance rifles without that thingy.

  2. I never understood the Holllllywood need to disguise one type of gun for another when the original type would have served just fine.

    I’ve seen M10-11s mocked up as Uzis and AKs mocked up as M16s many times over the years. Some versions appeared better made than others but I never could figure out what was going on inside these producer’s and director’s head that they felt such a need…other than they’re simply stupid that is.

    1. It is based on what the prop master has. Prop guns have to be highly modified to work properly, not to mention all the legal issues with them. Take a working gun and sticking parts to it may be the cheapest fix for a budget director.

  3. 1. Both actors are right handed but left eye dominant. Dosen’t matter much for the black dude with the handgun but it won’t work with that ar/ak/wtf? thing that is suppose to be a rifle.

    Also is that a hinge on that magwell?

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