DC vs America – Dossier Edition

I’ve been trying to follow all the news going on about the Trump Dossier, Uranium One, the Podesta Group, and the DNC.

I keep hearing discussion about whether or not one action was legal while another was illegal.

Yes it is important to figure all that out.  What I have not seen is a single person remotely associated with Washington discuss the fact that this is all skeezy as fuck.

Whatever happened to that standard?

There is an axiom “the appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself.”

The media (especially the Liberal leaning outlets) went nuts over Vice President Mike Pence’s personal policy of not going out for a meal with women who were not his wife without his wife there.

He was mocked, called a sexist, and thought pieces kept saying how that was the type of behavior that hurts women and kept them from power.  I saw no one say “this is a man who is doing his best to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and that is commendable.”

I think this is the biggest disconnect between “the Elites” and normal Americans.  For many people, it’s not just a matter of “legal vs. illegal” but “honest vs. skeezy.”  Most Americans will still avoid something that may be legal but distasteful.

Compare this to what we all know now about Hollywood.  The internal currency of Hollywood is sex and silence.

Since Harvey Weinstein’s exposure, I’ve seen a growing number of stories about the number of actresses who had worked with Weinstein and how they had been harassed.  Jennifer Lawrence is not one of them, which has lead to the conspiracy theory that her meteoric rise to super-stardom in a number of major Weinstein productions was due more to her bedroom abilities than acting abilities.

I don’t know if this is true, but THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY IS  IMPROPRIETY.

And, of course, we all know how tightly joined at the hip Hollywood is to DC, especially the DNC.

The Washington spokespeople who go on TV to explain all of this from their side are missing the point with me.

I don’t care if what Hillary or Trump or the DNC did was technically legal, I want to know why you though it was perfectly okay to be skeezy as fuck?

Why should I reward a bunch of slimy shit-weasels for out sliming another bunch of shit-weasels.

Then again, these people generally look down on us normals as knuckle-dragging rubes.  Our values and ethics are backwards and quaint.  It seems as through our elite “deep thinkers” feel that they don’t need to be bound to our provincial notions of right and wrong.


I believe the White House and Capitol shouldn’t be the prize for being the most unethical, feculent, supine, mendacious, perfidious, sleazy, piece of shit of the bunch.

5 Replies to “DC vs America – Dossier Edition”

  1. The way it actually works: impropriety is fine if it is committed by liberals. It’s bad if done by conservatives. The same applies to appearance of impropriety. Also, disagreeing with liberal “principles” is a form of impropriety.

    Once you understand these DC operating principles, it is all perfectly straightforward.

  2. “Feculent”. heh. When I was a staff RN, I had as a patient one very sick and highly unfortunate soul, who was vomiting stool. “Feculent emesis”, indeed. I do, however, feel that comparing Weinstein and his puppets to stool, which is in fact useful a a fertilizer, is a libel against stool.

  3. I was in Montana a couple years ago when Jennifer Lawrence flew into Missoula in a jet for a weekend getaway. When she was leaving from her vacation, she boarded and then got back off the plane and asked the line service guy to get her bag because she “forgot her Adderall”. I kind of felt bad for her in a way because, to me, it made sense why Hollywood types have to be on drugs that dull the senses in order to live with selling their soul.

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