Liberalism is a bad business plan.

I’d guess you have heard about the Progressive pizza parlor that is shutting down because they could not make money even though their competitors nearby are raking in the cash.  Well, I am not sure if these people are Liberals, but sure as hell that is the wrong message about taxes.

I am almost willing to bet they voted for Hillary.


5 Replies to “Liberalism is a bad business plan.”

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s an accountant’s office. Accountants love taxes in the same way veterinarians love fleas. They aren’t fond of them personally, but if the parasitical bloodsuckers didn’t exist, they’d be out of a lot of work.

  2. We love taxes -and- Immigration Services?

    Could this be one of those tax preparation services that supposedly help illegal immigrants with filing of phony returns that defraud the US of billions of dollars every year? At $100-$300 per return, you could make some serious cash by helping “law abiding” illegal immigrants defraud the government.

    1. Or it’s a legit accounting office that also does immigration services: visa applications, passports, residency documents, and taxes… Not everything having to do with immigration is a criminal conspiracy.

      Not too many criminal conspiracies have storefront offices with advertising banners and frosted glass signs on the door:

      “Kidnappings ‘Я’ Us: You pick ’em, we nick ’em! Call 1-800-WHTE-VAN.”

      “Hitmen Express: Assassinations While U Wait!”

      “1-800-METH-LAB. Buy two, get one free.”

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