Quality Control: Optional.

If you want to know why Forjas Taurus of Brazil is going down the drain.

Stolen from Aim Surplus via Facebook.

And it is understandable why Taurus USA keeps changing CEOs and management: It does not matter how good you are, it is impossible to get ahead when you get shit like this sent to you.


9 Replies to “Quality Control: Optional.”

  1. Wow…..how in the hell did that ever get out the door. All my Taurus revolvers are older pieces and are decent firearms. I did just by a 709 Slim, based mostly on the price, and it seems ok, but there is just no excuse for that ever leaving the factory. Shame.

  2. The last Taurus USA president (Mark Kressler) came in promising to whip customer service in to shape. He lasted, what, a couple years, and then he was out.

    Always wondered what happened with that.

  3. Hopefully that ‘thing’ was still at a shop and did NOT end up in the hands of a customer………………..if it did get sold ‘as is’ – that dealer has issues.

  4. That gun would probably be legal in New Jersey and they would most likely give you a CCW to carry it…..would that be ok, Loretta ??

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