Monday Critter

Soaking up some rays, dude!

Orangy let me get closer than before, I am guessing about 4 feet. It is windy and the temp is supposed to drop to the mid 50s tonite which iguanas are not fond of.

We have been wondering where he is staying since his old tree was chopped down quite a lot after Irma. I guess he has a cave or sleeps under somebody’s deck.

Even though I a not a fan of reptiles, I have to admit I am kinda fond of this sucker. Even mom who is absolutely terrified of frogs, toads and snakes does not mind the mini dinosaur.

3 Replies to “Monday Critter”

  1. There was a big one my mom really liked. She got a small dog house and painted it black and put it in the sun to warm up.

    You could get one of those corded, clamp on task lights (the kind with the big aluminum reflectors, put a heat lamp in it and position it near the group so he can warm up under it at night.

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