The mask is gone

Hugo Chavez was a socialist, what was key in how his rise to power.  Then Venezuela collapsed economically.

Right on cue, socialists began their explanation how Venezuela wasn’t really socialism.

Did the Soviet Union kill 20 million people?  Sure, but it wasn’t really communist.  Neither was Mao, Pol Pot, North Viet Nam, Cuba, or any of the other nations around the world were socialism/communism has been tried and failed, leaving a wake of mass graves and millions dead.

How can modern supporters of socialism/communism be so naive?  How can they deny the legacy of socialism/communism?

The truth is, they are not naive.  They know exactly what socialism/communism is all about.  They just want bullshit you into letting them assume power at which point they will kill you.

In the campus hysterics of the post Trump election era, campus communists have made that abundantly clear.

The Kent State Socialist Collective told pro capitalists that their place is in the gulags.  Yes they did.

The original tweet has been deleted but the reply is still on twitter.

This doesn’t surprise me much, Kent State was the school where the Ohio National Guard had to shoot a bunch of communist students for supporting Cambodian communists against Richard Nixon.

Over at Iowa State, the Young Democratic Socialists for America are calling for the extermination of capitalists (again, the original tweet has been deleted).

The mask has totally fallen off.  It isn’t about some equitable distribution of economic outcome and universal healthcare blah, blah, blah whatever these people say to try to make socialism sound all warm and fuzzy.

This is “we are going to take everyone we disagree with and put them in a prison camp and execute them.”

There is no hiding it now, no matter how many tweets they delete.

They.  Want.  You.  Dead.  Because you disagree with them.

He wants to kill you.  Make no mistake about that.

Fortunately for us, he looks too limp-wristed to make a pistol cycle.

This is why I own guns.


3 Replies to “The mask is gone”

  1. With 450 million guns, owned by at least 3/4 of us are veterans, and over 35 trillion bullets in our possession, and these pitiful snowflakes scared of every little word someone says, and more over, they cannot decide which bathroom to use… HOW DO YOU TIN IT WILL END??!?!?! Not well, and I think they will pay the price of their own blood in the streets. I pray it comes soon, so that we can avoid a blood shed that will make them cry even harder, and look for hiding places. I will NOT rest, until they are destroyed, and completely removed from any public influence… “SO HELP ME GOD”!!!

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