Gun Raffle (and other items) to help Andrea Keenan

GoFundMe page here.

My sister in law, Andrea (everyone calls her Andi) suffered a stroke in mid August. Unfortunately, it wasn’t diagnosed correctly for two weeks, delaying treatment.

We’re currently waiting for results from a battery of autoimmune tests that were run once the stroke was correctly diagnosed, and still don’t know what the cause was. Those tests are extremely expensive, and we’re unsure what the ultimate cost will be right now. What do know is that she’s lost strength and mobility in her left arm and leg. She’s facing a year to 18 months of physical therapy to get back to full function. 

Andi is an artistic soul. She creates beautiful metal artwork for their business, and she plays the guitar in her free time with her mother to relax. She says that’s the hardest thing about this whole situation- she can’t chord, and hasn’t been able to play the guitar since it happened.

We’re estimating the costs of her physical therapy right now, and waiting for results on the tests, and to see if more tests are necessary.

OK, so what are the goodies?

  1. Taurus .44 Magnum pistol
  2. Ruger MK-II bull barrel .22
  3. Custom sub-MOA AR-15
  4. Remington 870 pump in 20ga
  5. Chinese copy of a 12ga coach gun
  6. Springfield Range Officer .45 with 7 magazines and custom holster
  7. Springfield Range Officer 9mm with 7 magazines and custom holster
  8. Lawdog’s personal Rock Island 1911 9mm, reworked by Joe Speer with 6 magazines
  9. A ladies package consisting of a ring (late-Victorian-style design with either high-quality glass or mid-grade garnet stones. The mount is jeweler’s metal, size 6 3/4 or 7).  A unicorn necklace, late 1980s-early 1990s James Avery sterling silver charm on a silver chain. A coin necklace, an 1904 Indian Head penny, silver dipped in a gold-plated mount with a gold-plated silver chain. And a handmade necklace and earrings from Phlegmmy.
  10. Signed copies of Lawdog’s, Peter Grant’s, Dorothy Grant’s, JL Curtis’, LB Johnson’s, JD Kinman’s, and Tom Rogneby’s books
  11. Beretta FS92, with 6 magazines
  12. Gen 3 Glock 19, weapons light, holster and mag carrier

Now, mind you, the guns are used which on its own shows this is a people’s effort, not a corporate thing. They are giving away their personal firearms to help Andrea. That carries a lot.

A donation of $10 gives you a chance, $50/6 chances, $100/12 chances, etc.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Once again: GoFundMe page here.

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  1. Sir, if you want, I will donate a full polish on a stainless or nickel plate on a blued handgun. This is a 600-800 dollar cost. Go ahead and add it to your raffle. Any questions, call me 207. 313. 2644 anytime

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