The DNC is its own worst enemy

Slate: White people support Trump because they are racist.

The Nation: White people voted for Trump because they are racist.

The Atlantic: White working class people voted for Trump because of their racist culture.

White Supremacists: Diversity is just code for anti-white. 

Democratic National Committee: Straight white males need not apply.

Just about half of all computer science majors are white guys, but fuck them.  The DNC doesn’t have time for them.  It’s not like they are people too, who went to college, have student loans and expenses, need jobs, and want to work.  They are “already in the majority” so why should they ever be considered for a job?

It’s like these people are going out of their way to prove every paranoid, white supremacist conspiracy theory right.

Progressives: “We want the Confederate statues torn down, they are monuments to racism.”

White Nationalists: “That’s our heritage, where is it going to stop?  First it’s Lee next it will be Washington.”

Progressives: “Don’t be paranoid.”

24 hour later

Progressives: “Hold my beer, Abe and George are coming down.”

It only seems to be getting worse.

White Supremacists: “Its time for a race war.  RaHoWa!”

Progressives: “You want to put that on the calendar for November 4th?

Dear sweet lord, please make them stop.

I’d say if they were interested in winning elections, they are their own worst enemies; but with this attitude they are every decent person’s worst enemies.

5 Replies to “The DNC is its own worst enemy”

  1. Considering what “diversity” did to Ms. Wasseman-Schultz’s servers, I’d think that competence would trump (pun intended?) diversity. Of course, I’d be wrong.

  2. Encourage every Cis Gendered Straight White Male IT Professional you know to apply for these jobs. When they are rejected, and a POC, female, or non heterosexual is selected, sue the DNC for racial, sexual, and sexual orientation discrimination. Sue, Sue like the wind!

    Find a greedy, aggressive, greedy, media savvy, greedy Employment Law attorney like Gloria Allred to persecute the case. A couple of days of bad publicity, and the Democrat National Committee will be happy to settle.

    THEY made the rules, now make them live by the same rules.

  3. Just after the ’16 election, someone pointed out that this is what happens when your political party spends two generations encouraging Americans to split up along racial lines… and then the largest racial subgroup in the country decides to vote in its own interests.

  4. So it’s come out that the DNC was controlled by Hillary the whole time, and rigged the system so Pinko Sanders would lose. Obviously we all knew that, but Brazile’s confession has finally forced the Democrats and their sycophants to face reality. I took a trip over to one of the especially unhinged sources of progressivism, Salon, and had a sweet cup of Schadenfreude reading the comments from angry Communists, idiots, ANTIFA clowns, and the assorted misfits that comment on a website like that.

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