Stop Making Stupid People famous!

We get this story about two people: Henry Flescher and Natalie Grant.

AVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) – – A Holocaust survivor and a South Florida woman are sharing their story after she captured the frightening moments when he was saved from an oncoming train, Tuesday night.

Source: Holocaust survivor pulled from car stuck on train tracks before collision – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

So what happened to Mr. Flescher?

Police said 93-year-old Henry Flescher was heading westbound on Ives Dairy Road in Aventura when he made a wrong turn onto the train tracks near West Dixie Highway, at around 7:20 p.m.

“I made the quick curve too fast, on the side there,” said Flescher, “because it’s very dark there.”
All of a sudden, his vehicle’s wheels became stuck on the tracks as a Florida East Coast freight train heading northbound was fast approaching.
“And then the train is coming, and I couldn’t get out,” said Flescher.


And what Ms. Grant do to get so prominent mention alongside the potential victim?

Natalie Grant was sitting in her car feet away from Flescher. When she saw what was happening, she took out her iPhone and began recording.

She said other good Samaritans pulled Flescher out of the car in the nick of time. “Honestly, it was insane,” she said.

Grant typed “OMG!” over the dramatic footage showing the train nearing Flescher’s sedan. “‘OMG’ means ‘oh, my gosh,’ like, ‘what is going on?’” she said.

She took a video and that is prominent enough to make her famous. I am not making this crap up. The Good Samaritans get mentioned because somebody had to rescue Mr. Flescher or the story would not make sense.

Why is WSVN glamorizing the useless action of this bubble head?

Once again:

Stop Making Stupid People famous!


2 Replies to “Stop Making Stupid People famous!”

  1. Miguel, we are so far gone on this it’s not even funny.

    Right now you can get more popular making a sex tape with a rapper than for curing a major disease.

    More people have seen Kim Kardashian’s ta-tas than know who Jonas Salk is,

  2. How about, “OMG I am such a useless clown that I video record the near death of an old guy and do nothing and get on the news!”

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