Sex Education: you are doing it wrong.

I am just gonna speak for the male side of the equation: Dear guys, if you don’t have her saying “yes” at different volume levels (hopefully increasing) every 10 seconds or less, you are doing something wrong.


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    1. A lot of these people are shoveling bs to justify their employment. I was doing the same BS/PC training at Korea in the army where we were told by the civilian contractor instructor to ask for permission once a minute during sex or it was rape. When one joker asked what kind of permission we were told written and that if you love each other sex shouldn’t last longer than 45seconds anyways I almost think she was serious.

    1. That was a skit on the Chappelle Show on Comedy Central years ago. If you’re serious, then the deterioration of our society has accelerated even more than I realized.

      That aside, at some point it seems that rape became a badge of honor for the modern feminist. As though being able to claim you were raped has become a sign of credibility and is somehow virtuous. Look at all the rape hoaxes there are out there – deranged, incestuous feminists like Lena Dunham have falsely claimed it, then there was whole Rolling Stone fiasco.

      Rape is a horrible crime, and it’s a sexual crime committed for the non-sexual reason of power and dominance. Unfortunately, the definition of rape has been twisted by modern feminists to encompass sex that is bad, sex that is regretted after the fact, etc. A guy can’t go out to bar and have casual sex with a woman anymore without worrying that she’s going to turn around the next day when her hangover is top gear and cry to the police that she was “raped”. I’ve even seen it argued by a feminist that sex that isn’t 100% of a woman’s terms in rape, such as a guy who says he’s going to wear a condom but then doesn’t. That is now classified as “rape”. It ain’t rape, it’s a bad decision. Was it that Milo fellow who said “feminism is cancer”? Whoever it was, they were right.

  1. πŸ€”
    If the guys finish in less than 10 mins…
    they are in the clear!!!

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