Surrendering the West

The following map was published back in August of this year, it shows the location and date for every major terrorist attack in Europe since 2015.

From just last month, the major news sources didn’t bother to cover the fact that there were seven bombings or bombs found in Sweden in a period of 12 days.  Courts in Germany have opened more than 900 terrorism related cases in 2017 alone.

Before that, in September, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.”  The implication being that terrorism is the new normal and Londoners will have to accept that they will happen.

Following Tuesday’s truck attack in New York City – which contrary to the prognostication of Virginia democrats was not carried out by a white guy with a DTOM bumper sticker – NBC published an opinion “America must prepare for a future where terrorism is routine.”

Between the Mayor of London and NBC, the West is on the cusp of surrendering.  We can’t stop soft target attacks so we might as well give in to their demands.

God forbid we try and intercept the ISIS fighters returning home to Western nations, that’s just Islamophobia.  It’s best to no be a racist, xenophobe and let them win.

Maybe woke New Yorkers are happy to virtue signal by becoming New Yorkistan but we in Alabama are not.

If this is truly the direction that Our Betters want to take this nation, all I can do is leave you with the wisdom of Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley.

3 Replies to “Surrendering the West”

  1. The French appear to have the right approach to the threat of returning ISIS fighters: kill them before they can do so. It’s been reported for several months now that they have teams in the field whose specific mission is to seek out and kill Frenchmen fighting in the Middle East on the side of ISIS.

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