When Cracked Advocated for National Concealed Carry

Watch This:

The video is accurate from the details of the stabbing to the police making it clear “we can watch you get murdered and don’t have to do fuck all to help you” is NYPD policy.

This is about the simplest argument for national concealed carry I’ve ever seen.

The cops know about a spree killer on the loose, saw him on a subway, hid like dickless cowards, and watched as a citizen got stabbed nearly to death.

Yeah, if I’m in New York City on the subway, I want a gun on me.  Being stabbed in the head by some drugged out madman while a couple of cops munch popcorn like they have front row tickets to Madison Square Gardens Fight Night is not what I planned for my vacation.

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  1. There’s actually 3 supreme court rulings that back this up. The Cracked video only references Gonzalez vs Castle Rock (which is a really messed up set of circumstances, twists my gut reading about it).

    Should also check out Warren vs DC (1981, there’s multiple Warren vs DC cases), and DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services.

    When I learned of these three cases, was a very big reason for me getting my concealed carry permit, and carrying whenever I can.

  2. I had this illustrated to me when I was 14 at a donut shop, I was getting breakfast before school and two cops were leaving the store when their radio activated with a call about a home invasion in progress with a women with children currently in the home. The dispatcher called for all law-enforcement officers to head to the seen. The two cops calmly turned around went back in to the store set down and ordered more Coffee commenting it should all be over in 15 minutes or so. I don’t know what happened to that poor woman and her kids but I do know that witnessing their behavior was a formative experience in my life. Finding out later from family members, that my parents stolen property was recovered from burglars and kept in the evidence locker mysteriously disappeared when they came to pick it up, only to turn up at local pawn shops which they identified my serial number further cemented my view that the police can’t be counted on for anything. Life has shown me thats this is mostly true everywhere.

  3. “No duty to protect” is well established law. It also surprises most people. This is why the gun haters get away with pretending you can rely on the police to defend you from criminals.
    If I remember right, this principle is actually written down in plain English in the California state constitution (right along with the ironclad right to keep and bear arms…)

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